After the treatment, he turned to the country from Singapore Hussein Muhammed Ershad

At the end of the treatment, the country relented from Singapore to National Party chairman Hossein Muhammed Ershad. On Wednesday (26 December), he arrived at ...বিস্তারিত

The CEC should resign Dr. Kamal Hussain as Achapronter’s failed leader: Obaidul Quader

Formaliner Poison is the poison to poison Dr. Kamal Hussain’s mouth. And you should resign before your seisir for the poison of this face, Obaidul ...বিস্তারিত

Sheikh Hasina took part in the electoral public meeting of Kushtia, Naogaon and Chandpurer in the video conference

Sheikh Hasina took part in the electoral chandpurer of Kushtia, Naogaon and public meeting in the video conference from Dhanmandir Sudhasadan. The voters of the ...বিস্তারিত

One worker killed in explosion at Compresser machine in capital Shyampure

A worker was killed in the explosion of the rubber factory compresser in Alam Shyampur Alibhar area of the capital. Injured two. The accident took ...বিস্তারিত

Do not treat any unexpected as enthusiastic. Protect the dignity and purity of their garments-Mahbub talukder

It is your duty to Samacharan and nirpekshave every person. Avoid Pakshpatmulak behavior in elections. At this time, law and order Rakshabahinike ordered the election ...বিস্তারিত

Gayeshwar to see Moon Roy in his office, Awami League leader Nasrul Hamid Bipu

Gayeshwar Chandra Roy, leader of Awami League, Nasrul Hamid Bipu and Keraniganj Upazila chairman Shahin Ahmed in Dhaka-3 seats. Gayeshwar the assault on the moon ...বিস্তারিত

Heicorte RIT Hearing time challenges the legitimacy of the decision to Isir with 25 candidates in Jamaat

In the upcoming 11th national parliamentary elections, 25 candidates of the Jamaat Islamic State and three individual candidates will be allowed to participate in the ...বিস্তারিত

The CEC should resign Dr. Kamal Hussain as Achapronter’s failed leader: Obaidul Quader

Formaliner Poison is the poison to poison Dr. Kamal Hussain’s mouth. And you should resign before your seisir for the poison of this face, Obaidul ...বিস্তারিত

At least 45 people killed in snipers attack at an official building in Kabul

At least 45 people were killed in a snipers attack at an official building in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan. More people have been hit. The ...বিস্তারিত

Governor of Mexico’s Puyebla state Martha Erica Alanso killed in helicopter crash

Puyebla State governor Martha Erica Alanso has died of a traumatic helicopter crash on the head of a ten-day career in Mexico. As lost his ...বিস্তারিত

President urges national Acafront to appoint new CEC

The current Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) from Catom Nurul Hooder, the neutral Nirbachanato not land, cannot be expected ‘ immediately ‘ the Chief Election Commissioner ...বিস্তারিত

In the aftermath of the election campaign, five employees of the league were killed, wounding 3 hundred: H Imam

Since the beginning of the election campaign, Awami League has been the co-chairman of the Awami League’s elections committee, which is netakarmider. He made the ...বিস্তারিত

In the name of ISI’s Prescriptione army, Opprochare streets is causing lies and confusion

BNP-Jamaat-acafront Pakistan’s intelligence agency Opprochare streets, abetted and confusion against the Prescriptione army of the ISI, accusing the joint General secretary Abdulrahman Rahman of the ...বিস্তারিত

The Government and Election Commission (ESI) jointly tried to bungled the elections-Mirza Fakhrul

The Government and Election Commission (ESI) is jointly seeking to bungled the elections, said BNP Secretary-General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir. Journalists at the election building ...বিস্তারিত

Candidate of Awami League in election campaign a K m Rahmatullah, BNP candidate Shamim Ara Begum

The candidates for the elections of Awami League in the constituency of the parliamentary seats in the capital Dhaka are 11, Badda, Bareid, Vatara. Meanwhile, ...বিস্তারিত

So much development is possible in the country because there is democracy-Obaidul Quader

Unchecked, every time the Awami League has come to power being elected by a vote, the general secretary of the Awami League has commented on ...বিস্তারিত

Vote on boat to continue development trend – PM

In the Asay of power twice, development is visible today. People are getting development benefits. No man will be poor to win the next election. ...বিস্তারিত

Forces in the field will return confidence between namay voters and political parties-CEC

On the occasion of the 11th National Assembly elections, the Army Namay voters and political parties in the field, expressing confidence in the chief Election ...বিস্তারিত

Pissy-Jeassee and Samman test results, Jessitte 85.83 percent, 97.60

The results of the preliminary education (Pissy) and Ibtedayi education closing parenthesis exams and the eighth class Junior School Certificate (jeassee) and the Junior Submission ...বিস্তারিত

Number of sunamite deaths in Indonesia rises to 168 due to agneygirite eruptions

In Indonesia’s Indonesian Lampang province, the coastal area of Banten has been sunamite to increase the number of officially deaths caused by a agneygirite of ...বিস্তারিত
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