So much development is possible in the country because there is democracy-Obaidul Quader

Unchecked, every time the Awami League has come to power being elected by a vote, the general secretary of the Awami League has commented on ...বিস্তারিত

Vote on boat to continue development trend – PM

In the Asay of power twice, development is visible today. People are getting development benefits. No man will be poor to win the next election. ...বিস্তারিত

Forces in the field will return confidence between namay voters and political parties-CEC

On the occasion of the 11th National Assembly elections, the Army Namay voters and political parties in the field, expressing confidence in the chief Election ...বিস্তারিত

Pissy-Jeassee and Samman test results, Jessitte 85.83 percent, 97.60

The results of the preliminary education (Pissy) and Ibtedayi education closing parenthesis exams and the eighth class Junior School Certificate (jeassee) and the Junior Submission ...বিস্তারিত

Number of sunamite deaths in Indonesia rises to 168 due to agneygirite eruptions

In Indonesia’s Indonesian Lampang province, the coastal area of Banten has been sunamite to increase the number of officially deaths caused by a agneygirite of ...বিস্তারিত

Prince Talal bin Abdul Aziz, a senior member of Saudi Arabia’s Al Saud family, has died

Prince Talal bin Abdul Aziz, a senior member of Saudi Arabia’s Al Saud family, has died. The issue was informed from the country’s Rajparibar on ...বিস্তারিত

Polling centers are opening media centres. The next 29 to December 31 will be open 24 hours

Media centers are being opened by the Ministry of Information and elections to share the facts and results that are acceptable in the upcoming 11th ...বিস্তারিত

BNP is encroaching on the polls, they’ve lost Harra before-Obaidul convincingly

BNP is encroaching on the election, they have lost Harra before. And the Awami League won, commented that the general secretary of the Awami League ...বিস্তারিত

He promised to give a job to the house and the government-Mirza Fakhrul

If they have promised to pay a job in the house, the government has asked the public to vote on rice likeness in order to ...বিস্তারিত

Withdrew from the election, Tangail-4 candidate Latif Siddiqi

Abdul Latif Siddiqi, the independent candidate of Tangail-4, dandyechens away from the parliamentary elections. The former minister met with Nurul Hooder, the Chief Election Commissioner ...বিস্তারিত

The whole ranpurtai was once a durbhikshapirit area. Today, the Durdin gone. Sudin has arrived-Prime minister

When the boat comes to power, the fate of the people is changed, the jibanman of the people of the country are declared to be ...বিস্তারিত

The prime Minister reached Taraganjer Jansavasthale in Rangpur to take part in the election campaign

The Awami League president, Sheikh Hasina, reached out to Rangpur Taraganjer Jansavasthale to take part in the election campaign. Sheikh Hasina reached the electoral jansavasthale ...বিস্তারিত

Eight members of a ‘ GoPro-protect ‘ committee sentenced to life imprisonment for killing two Muslim cows businessman

Eight members of the eight ‘ go-protect ‘ committee have been sentenced to life imprisonment in the killing of two Muslim cows businessman in Jharkhande, ...বিস্তারিত

The smallest day of the year is today Saturday

The smallest day of the year is Saturday today. The Namleo in North hemisphere today is the fastest evening to finish the night. On 21st ...বিস্তারিত

Once again in power, we will make the fate of the people of Bangladesh, not to build your own fate.

If you go to power again, Sajaprapta Assamese (The acting chairperson of BNP) Tarek Rahman will be executed in the trial of the Court of ...বিস্তারিত

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Ziyarat kicks off in Sylhet Paunchei Mazar

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Paunchei Hazrat Shahjalal (S.), Hazrat Shah Paran (RAH.) and Sylhet’s first Muslim Borhan Uddin Ziyarat in Sylhet. Earlier today, at half ...বিস্তারিত

humiliatingly Bangladesh 50 runner against West Indies

Humiliatingly Bangladesh is the third and last T-Twentite 50 runner in the series against the West Indies. With a spacing of 2 to 1, T-twenty ...বিস্তারিত

Boat Wind your sails breeze, victory Sure, wheat spikes mean corruption-terrorism and boats mean improvement-prosperity

The Awami League president and Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, said the wind your sails of the boat would be a breeze to the Deshbasir in ...বিস্তারিত

The newly-late filmmaker Amjad Hussain Mordeh has arrived in the country

The newly-late legend Kahinikar, screenwriter and filmmaker Amjad Hussain Mordeh came to the country. On Friday evening, a plane of Bangladesh plane arrived at Hazrat ...বিস্তারিত

U.S. announces withdrawal of troops from Syria

U.S. announces withdrawal of troops from Syria “We have won against Wimbledon (militant organization Islamic State),” said the country’s president Donald Tramp. We lost badly ...বিস্তারিত
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  • In the Dhaka-17 seat, he announced to stand aside from the election of Hussain Muhammed Ershad
  • The achapronter is the people of the state. We will all revolutionize the 30 dates. That would be the election revolution.
  • An election without a fair election can never be fair-Mirza Fakhrul
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