The range Committee on Shajahan Khan’s leadership road is ridiculous and fun: Rizvi

Road transport and accidents control in the name of the road to restore order, the committee formed by former minister Shajahan Khan of the National ...বিস্তারিত

Clash in Pulwamya Peril in Kashmir, Indian Major-Jawansah killed 5

The Pulwamya of secessionist attacks in Indian-controlled Kashmir has been deplored. MAZROSSH four Jawan killed in clashes with the army in separatist. A more civilian ...বিস্তারিত

At the end of the treatment in Singapore, turned Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir

About two weeks after taking treatment in Singapore, turned BNP secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir in the country. On Monday afternoon, Atter’s wife Rahat ...বিস্তারিত

Role of youth in ICT development Agrayatray important-Moit minister

Senior Reporter, Dhaka: COO, Telecommunications and Information Minister Mustafa Jabbar said the Bangladesh vision 2021 Durbar the pace of implementation. Our youth’s role in Agrayatray ...বিস্তারিত

War criminals justice will not cease to Jamaat for muktiyuddhe role: Obaidul Quader

The Jamaat now explains why it’s moving forward, it’s blurry. Could be their political maneuver. Though officially they haven’t yet told anything. But the general ...বিস্তারিত

Former Adhyakshake of Iden College was killed in money and Swarnalankarer Lovei

Mahfuza Chowdhury, former principal of the Iden College, said the police were killing Parvinkay money and Swarnalankarer Lovei. And the Hatyakande Grihakarmira involved. Police reported ...বিস্তারিত

40 killed in suicide blast on Serpiefer bus in Jammu-Kashmir, India

The number of Indian zawaner killed in the suicide blast on Serpiefer bus in Jammu-Kashmir, India, has increased to 40. Indian news media India Today ...বিস্তারিত

Germany reached Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina reached Germany to join the Munich Security conference. On Thursday (14 February) local time, at 10 minutes (Bangladesh time evening at ...বিস্তারিত

For Germany, the PM is leaving the Shahjalal International Airport

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is leaving Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport for Germany to join the Munich Security conference. On Thursday (14 February) in the evening, ...বিস্তারিত

Dhaka elevated Expreswerer making 20% finished

Dhaka elevated Expreswerer making 20 percent end. The first stage work will be completed before June this year bore the road transport and Setumantri Obaidul ...বিস্তারিত

Sloganai-Adda Votmuchor Sweet Cantine

In the first day of the Faguner, when the entire campuses of Dhaka University are Barner, the Dhaka University Student Assembly (DAKSU) has seen the ...বিস্তারিত

8 Wicketter start New Zealand tour in big rates Bangladesh

Bangladesh started the series in the first Wandette 8 Wicketter of the series against New Zealand. On Wednesday, Nepiare match first bat Bangladesh averaged 232 ...বিস্তারিত

At least 17 dead in Agnikande at a hotel in Nayadillir, India

At least 17 deaths have been reported in Agnikande, a hotel in Nayadillir, India. On Tuesday (12 February), the tourist area Carlbager Hotel on the ...বিস্তারিত

Ansar and village Pratirkshawahinike should play a stronger role in militancy and terror Daman: PM

In the national sankatkale and emergency moments, Ansar and the GM have introduced the skills and success of the Defense Forces (VIDIPI). The forces have ...বিস্তারিত

Daksu election schedule announced on March 11

The election of the Central Student Parliament (Daksu) of Dhaka University has been announced schedule. The schedule announced the election on March 11, the day ...বিস্তারিত

Rizvi Ahmed and BNP DALGATBE gave a thumbs up to the law and courts-minister

Khaleda Zia has no jurisdiction to release the Prime minister. Rizvi Ahmed and BNP DALGATBE have shown a thumbs up to the laws and courts ...বিস্তারিত

Khaleda Zia has suffered numerous torture and suffering in a year. Let it be released by the Rizvi poet.

The BNP’s chairperson and former prime Minister Khaleda Zia has been locked in a year-old solitary confinement in a fabricated false case, which has led ...বিস্তারিত

The searched of a picnic bus in Chittagong has confiscated two Lac 40 thousand Peace Yaba rab

a picnic bus searched in the back from Cox’s Bazar Rab a yaba of tens of thousands of peace-keeping members. In the Karnaphuli thana area ...বিস্তারিত

Khaleda Zia has been imprisoned by the courts. Can mukthio him to the court-Obaidul convincingly

BNP Cheirpersner imprisonment is not a political matter, commenting on the court’s issue as the general secretary of Awami League Obaidul Quader. Earlier Friday, the ...বিস্তারিত

Mistress Khaleda Zia’s carabaser one year is complete today

The carabaser of BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia is a year full of today. On February 8, 2018, the most frequently Ekeyug Jia Arphanes was ...বিস্তারিত
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